Move 'n' Groove Is Now Closed

It is with heavy hearts that we must announce that we are shutting down Move 'n' Groove.

Unfortunately, I (Jodi) have had worsening ongoing neck and spine issues for some time. I have been told by doctors and specialists that dancing has exacerbated the problem and advised to stop in order to slow the degenerative process.

We would like to thank all of our students over the years, both long and short term, who have made running this dance school a fantastic and positive experience. It has genuinely been wonderful to watch our students blossom and grow into amazing young humans.

We have been proud to teach each and every one of you. Thank you also to the parents and carers of the students for playing your part. We hope that you continue 'moving and grooving' and, as we always say, keep smiling.

- Jodi and Jess