Want to make your wedding dance something really special? One that is choreographed specifically for just the two of you? Or maybe you would like for your entire bridal party to brush up on a few steps before they take to your dance floor? Or perhaps you are about to celebrate your anniversary or you have a birthday coming up & would like to put on a bit of a show for your guests!

You do not need to have had previous dance training & in fact you can even be someone
who has never set foot on a dance floor before!

Using your choice of song/s & a combination of Latin & Ballroom dance styles (and even a little Jazz or Hip Hop if you like), I will cater to any level of dance ability & make your dance
one to always remember & forever be talked about.

I can ‘mix’ your music choice to suit what you want e.g. shorten the song if you don’t want to be on the floor for too long or combine two or more songs together if you wish to go for a contrast of dance styles within your one dance (e.g. from a slow Rumba to a fast Jive or Hip Hop etc.)

Let me create a dance that is uniquely yours and is as simple or as difficult as you wish it to be.


Why not try something a little different for you & your guests to enjoy at your next
birthday party or private function. I can come along to your party venue & give you all a
lesson in the dance style of your choice.

You would be amazed at how many people really love it & it creates a terrific atmosphere for those guests who don’t know each other to come together for a ‘boogie on the dance floor’.
Maybe you have already been to a party where this was organised and you would then
have seen that this idea really works.


Do you have a group of friends that would like to learn how to dance together?

I can also run private lessons for smaller groups either on a regular or casual arrangement.